Not My President.

DJ Trump got elected.  That’s a fact of history, but it may have had something to do with his use of Russian intelligence sources.  He may have conspired with another country to become President.  That would constitute High Treason, and is the motivation behind much of the investigation going on into the Trump campaign.  That having been said, the investigation into the people around Mr. Trump either indicate his involvement in international espionage, or his lack of intelligence and judgment.  How much thought does it take, when choosing a national security advisor, to realize that he was fired by the previous administration for a reason?  He should have inquired into the reason for that loss of position, and when he learned it was due to involvement with foreign governments, he should have avoided the appointment.

The problem with this Administration, and the reason I cannot call the chief Executive “my President”, is that the person who is holding the office is incompetent.  His abrogation of responsibility in military matters is inexcusable.  He is the supreme commander of the armed forces, and his four years in a military academy should have taught him what that means.  You can get information from any sources you desire, but the final decision MUST be yours.  His advisors are not uniformly genius.  Your Education person should at least be a Ph.D. if not a world renown authority on education.  If not a teacher, at least someone who attended public school.  Or how about a Secretary of State who knows where the countries are, and who lives in them?  The man can’t make good decisions, and his conduct is unbecoming.  He couldn’t even make a reality show work,, and that was one where he wasn’t the final authority.

He’s gotten some bad press, both before and since he was elected, and much of it has basis in hard fact.  The short list is:            …/2017/01/30/stupid-economics-epis…/……/trumps-supporters-time/story……/trump-supporters-must…/…/anti-semitism-anti…/
And this group is really making some foolish moves.…/trump-continues-to-have-staunch…
And on the world Stage…

And people who oppose him?  How about Lindsey Graham?…/po…/lindsey-graham-trump-illegal-votes/…/po…/lindsey-graham-donald-trump-russia/…/lindsey-graham-warns-trum…/       And Lindsey Graham’s friends in politics, who are republicans.

I am not alone in my mistrust of DJ Trump, and the disquiet is worldwide.  He has no international support and is vilified often in the US.  We know that his supporters no longer represent a respectable percentage of the voting public, so how long must we wait, for the congress to take the needed action?  We cannot have this person in the highest office in the land. He is not intelligent enough to discharge the duties of his office.      I await the pleasure of Congress, who very much would like to be re-elected, to act.  I will become a voice for an entirely new congress, one made of democrats, should this congress fail in its duty.